GooMover Kit


First of it’s kind plastic scraper blade for the broom or mop handle. Replaceable blades/cartridges, which remove gum, food, paint. Keeps you from bending over to scrape it up. Won’t damage most flooring.



First of its kind patented product made in the USA. Slides over the handle of most brooms and mops (15/16” to 1 1/8”). Has plastic replaceable blades and cartridges, which are safe for most flooring. The eraser and scrubber cartridges, get the residue and sanitize. No more bending down on your hands and knees to scrape something like gum, food, and paint from hard-to-reach places. Works as dish wand or counter/sink/appliance cleaner. The blades and cartridges last 1 one to 2 weeks heavy usage.



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