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Moving Forward To A Deeper Clean

Posted by Cris Luce, Gene Ruble, Eric Hill, Will Watson on May 20th 2020

Updating cleaning standards is high on everyone’s radar due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and, it should be, considering the cost to human life that it cost in our society.

Gene Ruble, the inventor of the GooMover®, extensively traveled the world during his days in technology. Unfortunately, Gene became accustomed to hotel rooms being cleaned in a subpar fashion and had to adapt to wearing flip flops, like most of us, instead of going bare foot.

With the global pandemic, Covid-19 has changed the expected details, such as spotless floors, into imperatives as people begin to circulate back into the world economy.

The dirt covered spot on the bathroom floor in your hotel room, fast food chains, restaurants, and general commercial properties, which the common broom and mop cannot clean, can no longer be tolerated. In-House and contracted janitorial and housekeeping staff must find a scraping tool and cleaning solution to reach the new level expectation and new normal in cleaning standards quickly becoming paramount to prevent the spread of deadly and costly pathogens. Just like most things in life, to establish a solid approach, you must start with the foundation, the ground-level if you will, the floor. The historical normal routine cleaning is not complete, nor can deep cleaning even begin, without first removing goo and debris stuck to the floor.

As those within the janitorial and sanitation industries know full well, the public is not concerned over the things they casually drop or spill on the numerous surfaces on which they interface. The public, either consciously or subconsciously, view those messes as someone else’s job to clean it up.

Unfortunately, it is a known fact that sticky drinks, food, gum, and bodily fluids stuck to the floor attract more dust, dirt and grime from people’s shoes and bare feet. These contamination magnets coupled with the floor surface are a breeding ground for propagating bacterium. If the cleaning crews’ hands are used to get up and down from the floor, touch another tool, etc. it furthers the potential spread of contamination. It is imperative that this goo and gunk be scraped up before a floor can be effectively swept, mopped, or disinfected for a deeper clean, one we all will expect as we move forward into the new normal. Scraping up such things involves finding a scraper that is not going to scratch your flooring yet still sharp and strong enough to quickly complete the job of removing the goo from the floor, baseboard, wall, vents and, sometimes, even the ceilings.

Most scraper solutions on the market targeting the floor surface are sharp metal blades. They can be dangerous and destructive. That is where a ‘safe for flooring’ scraper solution is necessary, with the new GooMover® answering that need.

The time-consuming cost exponentially increases with each instance of stopping a cleaning task to find a scraper during sweeping or mopping the floor. In a public area, the cost number in terms of time and efficiency becomes prolific. Hotel brands hire companies to find cost-saving ways to decrease their time in performing cleaning jobs in each room. Annually, the daily minutes, per cleaning crew member, lost to inefficiently removing items stuck to the floor turn into hundreds of thousands of dollars, sometimes millions if the hotel or facility operator are large, like many well-known hotel and big brand names within the industry, when extrapolated over the entire cleaning staff at hundreds and thousands of locations under one brand.

There is also the enormous loss which companies experience through healthcare benefits and expenses. Every time a worker injures their back and knees from having to bend down to scrape up the things that are stuck to the floor, baseboard and wall, the chances for significant injury increases. Insurance companies dedicate entire divisions to orthopedic and chiropractic expenses for injured backs, hips and knees. Surgical hip/knee replacements are becoming popular among aging people within the cleaning industry. Studies have been conducted and data has proven that workers will sweep or mop over a spot on the floor instead of bending down due to the increase in exertion, or, possibly fear, conscious or sub-conscious, of risking injury to their back or knees, causing them to not be able to work. The next time you are in a public place, just look down and you will see the number of black spots stuck to a floor. Keep in mind that the same floor was most likely swept by a janitor within the last 24 to 48 hours. Historically, that same spot, which is black from excessive foot traffic, was simply not worth the extra effort or losing one’s job to injury. In today’s environment, however, the post-pandemic society will no longer view or tolerate those spots as a mere inconvenience. They will instead view them as a risk of transmitting and/or spreading infectious viruses and bacteria that cause sickness or disease.

For this purpose, GooMover® has introduced a "Never Been Seen" patented and trademarked product called the GooMover®. The GooMover® is the first replaceable plastic scraper blade for the broom or mop handle. It simply slides over the handle of your broom or mop. This innovative product has interchangeable blades and cartridges made with the top two products in the cleaning industry (scrub and eraser products). It conveniently stays on the handle for when you need it most, and greatly reduces and for some, eliminates the need to bend down, thus reducing the risks of injury to your hands or knees.

When you or your staff is sweeping or mopping the floor, and come to the problem of something stuck on your hardwood, linoleum, or tile floor, you no longer need to stop and find something to scrape it up without damaging your floor. The GooMover® solution not only keeps you from having to bend down on your hands and knees to scrape, thus increasing exposure and transference of germs over-and-over, but it removes the residue with the replaceable scraper blade, the replaceable and interchangeable GooErase™ or GooScrub™ cartridges. It is as easy as flipping the broom or mop over to Scrape, Scrub, and Sweep the mess away. This first step of scraping up the potentially infectious debris, makes the GooMover® an essential cleaning tool for prepping your floor for deep cleaning.

The GooMover® is proudly manufactured in the hills of Tennessee to support American jobs and incredibly proud to showcase MADE IN THE USA! As a result, quality and durability hold a higher priority to profitability, since the creators of the GooMover® have stated that they believe U.S. manufacturing should be a strong symbol of those principles.

While the blade and cartridges are replaceable, the GooMover® body is a tool that is built to last. Made of durable polypropylene for strength and sustainability, the GooMover® body is transferable to new brooms and mops, when the old ones are worn out. Even the wedges used to properly secure the GooMover® body to the handle of the broom or mop are designed to assist the GooMover® in fitting 4 out of 5 of the most common broom handle sizes. The massive broom and mop industry are projected at $2billion US annually. The GooMover® is designed to fit most of the existing products already in use and certainly those that are manufactured in the future.

The replaceable Blades are made from ABS plastic, which is just a little denser than linoleum, and will not damage softer floors. The rounded and beveled edges were created to prevent causing damage, but they’re sharp enough to scrape up the some of the toughest things stuck to your floor. The GooMover® has been used to clean latex and enamel paint spots off hardwoods after a painting touch-up job. Another tough item to get off tile is cement. When contractors spill large spots of wet concrete which dries and is difficult to remove, just grab your GooMover. Let us not forget about nasty gum, dried up ketchup and mustard and the numerous other foods that transfer germs and leave a poor brand image for those who are visiting your facilities.

The finishing touches of scraping up something stuck to your floor is not complete until you remove the residue of whatever is being scraped up. That is where the replaceable scrub brush, known as GooScrub™, has just the right amount of abrasiveness to get the stuff that is really stuck, without scratching your beautiful flooring. The GooScrub™ is made of a polymer, which stays stiff, when dampened in cold water, but goes soft in warm water. It is made of the same material as a smiley face product made famous through the popular prime time television show highlighting inventions. It is one of the hottest products on the market and does an amazing job of removing residue stuck on your floor, especially after you scrape up the big stuff. The GooMover® is the first cleaning tool to put this amazing product on an attachment, which gives you reach and leverage to maintain the power needed for proper scrubbing. That same leverage reduces the potential of injuring one’s knees and back, while prepping the floor for deep cleaning and sanitizing. That is another reason why the GooMover® is an essential deep cleaning tool.

When it comes to softer surfaces, like painted walls, the GooErase™ really shines because the melamine eraser is softer than paint. The GooErase™ uses friction as its cleaning magic to remove scuffs and marks on walls, baseboards, ceilings, and floors. The GooErase™ is best used dry, so the friction can have its maximum pressure to erase marks. The GooScrub™ is different in the respect that moisture can assist in breaking down hardened or sticky substances. That moisture doesn’t have to be water. It can be your favorite cleaning sanitizer to disinfect for a deeper clean, while your removing that disgusting spot from your floor. Just a squirt or two of your preferred disinfectant can be the dampness needed for multi-cleaning action with the coarseness of the GooScrub™ does the heavy lifting.

Gone are the days of bending down on your hands and knees to scrape and scrub that spot, only to realize you need to do it all over again. “Simply Scrape, Scrub and Sweep that mess away.” Cleaning has gotten a whole lot easier and faster thanks to the GooMover® on your common broom or mop handle.

The GooScrub™ has many applications due to its versatility as a coarse scrubbing product. Think of that perpetual soap scum ring around your oval garden tub, which no one can reach. On the handle of your broom it’s a no brainer. How about the one thing that everyone bumps to the last item on their cleaning list… the infamous baseboards. The leverage of a GooMover® on the handle of your broom makes a back breaking job easy.

When it comes to hard to reach surfaces such as shutters, blinds, vents, ceilings, and ceiling fans, the GooScrub™ makes that job a lot easier.

Those hard to reach scuff marks on walls and ceilings are no problem for the GooErase™. When it is on the handle of your favorite duster or fan cleaner, those jobs become easy. The GooErase™ is one of the best cleaning tools for removing grease from microwaves, ovens, counter tops, and kitchen cupboards. Proctor and Gamble did not call it “Magic” for no reason. It truly is an amazing cleaning product and it is also why GooMover® decided to make it one of the many attachments heading into the janitorial, sanitation and direct-to-consumer markets.

GooMover® is a proud member of ISSA (International Sanitary Supply Association), the leading trade association which globally governs the cleaning industry through education, publications, legislative, and regulatory services. Not only does ISSA set the bar high for sanitization, they are the very standard creator for that same industry with the Cleaning Industry Management Standards (CIMS) certification, an absolute must have should you, your staff and your properties want to be perceived as clean. Additionally, ISSA formed the Global Biorisk Advisory Council® (GBAC) as a subsidiary which started from a conversation among professionals with backgrounds in biosafety/infection control, forensic restoration, and bio-decontamination/remediation and cleaning. If you are interested in becoming Microbial Warriors™ and recognize the need for change and believe it can be achieved by working together, you should connect with GBAC and Microbial Warfare! Living in what is only the beginning of our new normal, we are grateful to be aligned with ISSA, the leading trade association for the cleaning industry worldwide. GooMover® is also very proud to have been featured in the May 15th, 2020 Product Showcase.

Preventing the spread of infectious disease through standard, as well as deep cleaning, is going to be the new normal for society on a global scale. GooMover® has risen to meet the challenge of those standards with the introduction of their flagship product, the GooMover®.

Whatever application you may have, the GooMover® with its top two cleaning attachments, the GooScrub™ and GooErase™, meet the demand in our post-pandemic era.

To find out more about GooMover®, feel free to call 877-242-7585 or connect with us at www.GooMover.com