With public health, occupational hygiene and equitable access being discussed as top priorities in today’s facility management communities; within the operations and human resources communities, many agree, and rightfully so, continue to promote and achieve a diverse and inclusive workforce culture. 

Within these overarching inclusive hiring strategies, we at GooMover find both an internal need to employ people and an external opportunity for our customers to offer competitive integrated employment opportunities when available talent and employer needs are aligned. 

While we endorse all-inclusive hiring strategies, we have taken a special interest in helping veterans and individuals who are living with neuro-differences. Several of our founders were either in the military or have fathers and children in the military. Similarly, one of our founders has twin sons, one of which is Autistic, and the other of which has a developmental disability with speech. Coupled with the fact that we have our own internal jobs, such as pick, pack and ship for warehouse operations, and several other roles, which present a perfect opportunity to employ people who are incredibly detail oriented yet might lack the social skills or full range of the body to perform other job requirements, we at GooMover are excited to be part of the solution.

The external impact for our customers is accomplished by utilizing the patented GooMover Multi-Functional Spot Cleaning Tool. This Multi-Functional Spot Cleaning Tool is easy to install, manage and use while fulfilling a need for our customers who have both private and public venues. 

This Multi-Functional Spot Cleaning Tool solves pains and introduces gains for those jobs which previously required the cleaning operator to get down on their hands and knees. It also reduces over exertion which previously required cleaning operators to strain for hard to reach spots or difficult to maneuver around tables for cleaning contaminates off floors, baseboards, walls, vents, and ceilings. These micro and macro adjustments and techniques introduce ergonomic benefits by significantly reducing the number of bends for the back, hips and knees while also saving time to perform the task at hand, which also provides a positive economic impact for the bottom line by the reduction in applied and unapplied labor cost. 

United with new global standards in cleaning and biohazard preparedness requirements for today’s global communities, such as the one introduced by the world’s largest International Sanitary Supply Association, ISSA, and the Global Biorisk Advisory Council - STAR Facility Accreditation, the GooMover offers an affordable solution to eliminate contaminated, soiled, dirty dried up goo and other spots on your floors, baseboards, walls, vents, and ceilings while introducing Ergonomic Benefits and a positive Economic Impact for our customers bottom line.