Installation and How-To Videos

How does it work?

Simply attach the GooMover to any Broom or Mop handle. We've included wedges to help give the GooMover a snug fit to almost any size handle.

How do I remove and replace cartridges?

1. Press the "PUSH" button located on the underside of the GooMover body.

2. Pull up on the Scraper Blade and remove from the GooMover body.

3. Pull the cartridge and slide it out of the GooMover body.

4. Locate the arrow labeled "1" on the underside of the new cartridge.

5. Slide the new cartridge into the grooved cartridge slot. Be sure to match the "1" side of the new cartridge with the "1" side of the GooMover body. 

6. With the "2" side of the scraper blade facing away from the cartridge, slide the Scraper Blade into the blade slot until the blade locks in place.  

 IMPORTANT NOTE: To remove or replace the GooScrub or GooErase cartridges, you must first remove the Scraper Blade.

 IMPORTANT NOTE: When removing or replacing cartridges, always hold the GooMover cartridge by the black plastic underside, not the GooScrub or GooErase. 

What sizes of brooms and mop handles does it work on?

We provide several inserts which act as wedges so the GooMover will fit most broom and mop handles. The majority of broom or mop handles on the market range from 15/16 through 1 1/8 inches in diameter and we fit those broom and mop handles perfectly.  

How quick will I receive my order?

Depending upon where you purchased the product, please allow for same-day, two-day and five to seven days after the order is placed.

How can I track my order?

After you ordered your product, you will have received an order confirmation email from our partners which will provide the specific traffic information. 

Installing the GooMover on a Libman Broom.

Installing the GooMover on an O'Cedar Broom.

Installing the GooMover on a Great Value Broom

Installing the GooMover on a Clorox Broom