The patented GooMover body represents an opportunity to include several different cartridges which help the operator better perform their cleaning duties.

The critical characteristics are threefold:

First, the GooMover is Ergonomically Engineered to significantly reduce the wear and tear on the operators body. Given the majority of work-related injuries are with the back, hips and knees, the GooMover drastically reduces the number of times the operator has to get down on their hands and knees to scrape, scrub and sweep away hard to remove and sticky goo off the floor. The GooMover also incorporates Easy Push Technology (SM), where the operators literally use very light grasps when holding the handle to easily move the GooMover tool across the floor. This a huge factors when considering worker compensation claims and Musculoskeletal Work-Related Disorders.

Second, the GooMover cleaning tool saves the operator time, introducing significant economic benefits, while empowering the operator to provide a better cleaning outcome in a world now highly in tuned with how important it is for surfaces to be properly cleaned.

Third, all of the engineering and customer facing staff are Certified-GBAC Technicians, which was introduced by ISSA and their Global Biorisk Advisory Council team. At GooMover, above and beyond your typical spot cleaning needs, we feel it is critically important to be able to properly communicate how the GooMover tool helps the facility managers properly Prepare, Respond and Recover from any biological situations. 

Currently we have replaceable scraper blades(have picture present), GooErase and GooScrub cartridges (have one yellow scrub and one white eraser picture), which are 2x2x1 replaceable cartridges, which are used for small to medium sized spot cleaning needs and designed to be used with the GooMover body installed on your common everyday broom or lobby broom.

Soon, we’ll have GooMaxx cartridges, a bigger body cartridge, which will install on the same GooMover body, designed for single industrial poll installations, maximizing the operators ability to tackle medium to large size spot cleaning requirements, with a 6x2x1 replaceable cartridges, offering MaxxScrub, MaxxErase and several other surface cleaning tools.

From the GooMaxx form factor, we are incorporating a larger pad which installs onto the GooMaxx adapter to empower the operator to perform larger to entire floor cleaning jobs. Many other cartridges are in the works as well as anti-microbial pads for continuous preventative approaches to ensure people traveling are safe.